About Us


The consulting services offered at ForwardPEO are built on more than a decade hands-on experience assisting large and small businesses to stay on financial track while remaining in compliance.

Compliance is a scary word – especially when it relates to Employee management, payroll, insurances, tax withholdings, handbooks, PTO, etc. the list goes one. Most business owners have already received the “talk” from their CPA warning them about the potential fines and penalties.

The solutions we offer are a mix of appropriate systems and services that will save you time, money, and reduce risk. Accountability is crucial when trusting a provider with your business. Ask us how a  Co-Employment Agreement will guarantee the highest levels of service from vendors by having them take on some of the liability.

What is Co-Employment?

It is an IRS conforming agreement that allows a 3rd party to share into the responsibilities of managing your workforce.  Services that are often included are Payroll, HR & Legal, Risk Management, Tax Filings, and Employee Benefits.

Some benefits you can expect from this partnership are:

  • Discounted Workers Compensation Premiums
  • Reduction in State Unemployment Tax Rate (SUTA)
  • Outsource HR and Payroll Compliance (Dedicated Certified HR Reps)
  • Better Liability and Employee insurances
  • Optional Fortune500 class benefit packages typically reserved for large organizations
  • Access to 401k and other retirement services for the owner and employees

Types of businesses we serve:

There are two types of businesses that will benefit the most from our services.

“High-Risk” Employers – This includes Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, Staffing, Home Services, and the likes. We will leverage our experience and partnerships to significantly reduce Workers Compensation premiums. Many business owners feel that paying high premiums is simply the cost of doing business, let our team bring you some alternative options!

“White-Collar” Employers – This group often struggle with employee retention due to limited or expensive Employee Benefits. By taking advantage of the Co-Employment your employees will enjoy access to fully developed Health and Ancillary Benefits.  PEOs are literally in the business of keeping Employees and Employers happy. Let us navigate your selection and negotiation process to unlock top benefits at lower costs than your current offerings!

Please contact me directly through LinkedIn, by phone at 212-729-4653 or our Contact Page.

We now offer some of our consulting services free of charge! Reach out for more info.