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#PEO insights series. (Post #3)

Hiring a partner.

When it comes to staying in #Compliance with all the Local, State, and Federal regulations, every employer needs to have a reliable system. You may choose to hire business #consultants, or depending on the size or industry, it might make sense to add a full-time compliance manager to your team.

Hiring a #PEO can offer an attractive alternative by providing access to the highest level of experts with ‘skin in the game’. Due to the nature of the Co-Employment agreement, a PEO has the responsibility to ensure all of its’ clients remain in compliance as well.

As the Worksite Employer, you stay laser-focused on growing your team knowing that your ‘partner’ has your back. This is all built into the service agreement #ForwardPEO will negotiate on your behalf.

Quit fighting for attention from your consultants and dreading those hourly service charges. Hire and grow your team with confidence regardless of which state you expand to next!

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